Ingame news TSTOS 24

Press release from Nordberg Coalition regarding the allegations about the commander being part of human rights violations.

Investigation of Froggy, Uusimaa, MAD and other commanding structures started when the UN war crime commission got anonymous tips from unreliable sources, which are completely without any grounds. The government of Nordberg coalition has conducted their own background check of Froggy and hasn’t found any evidence of abuse of power or war crimes. A detailed background check of previous serving history was conducted before investing him as The commander of the armed forces. The state of Nordberg has deemed these accusations to be false and stand by our commander. The Attorney General of Nordberg Coalition finds the actions taken by the UN to be quite odd and is even considering taking action against the UN.

Nordberg armed forces commander Froggy has given the following statement regarding the news accusing him of human right violations and war crimes in the conflict at Padasjoki. 

“I was already aware about the trial but as I was reading these so-called news I was stunned, disgusted and offended about these accusations. As everyone else I have served in Uusimaa forces loyally and to the best of my abilities. Any possibly brutal orders have not been issued by Me or the acting commander Svir. I deny any participation of Uusimaa commanding structures to have taken part in these orders. The actions are of individual origin and we do not support them. I deny my involvement in any kind of (alleged) war crimes and comment no further.”

“I represent the Norberg coalition armed forces which requires an irreproachable background. This is clearly disinformation constructed by the rebels, whose goal is to shake the reliability and integrity of our armed forces by framing me as guilty.

And what comes to the attachment in the article “The masterpiece” i believe with little training my beloved pet would make a more credible end result. I do not know any of the people appearing in said photo, even if any of them exist, and the character supposed to appear as me is clearly a product of photo editing. I will send following regards to the UN war crime tribunal: Menkää töihin! “