Ingame news TSTOS 24

Shocking new allegation: Nordberg Commander involved in hostage situation! Pictures in article!

New evidence has surfaced that shows the Coalition of Nordberg commander
“Froggy” involved in what appears to be a hostage situation during last year’s
UUSIMAA – PIRKANMAA conflict. The evidence shows a picture of Froggy and an
unrecognizable masked man. In Picture Froggy is pointing a handgun to the crotch
of a person who is believed to be a hostage/prisoner in what appears to be an
interrogation situation.

Froggy has been claimed to be part of several unlawful executions, human rights
violations and torturing prisoners of war. He has also been claimed to have given the
execution order to the brutal police murders of Padasjoki during the conflict
(Uusimaa – Pirkanmaa) but there has not been real evidence on the matter.
So far nothing but allegations has not been seen in the trial that began merely days
after the active conflict but due to this shocking new discovery could we see this
case moving forward to convicting people responsible for these horrendous acts?