Village rules and Phonebook

Uusimaa HQ:
Pirkanmaa HQ: 
Civilian leader:
Mission Game Master: 0400 232 630
EHASA Gamemasters: 0400 232 630
Padasjoki Seriff: 0417951563

Padasjoki County Law
If you have questions regarding law of Padasjoki County, you can ask for information from Padasjoki county sheriff headquarters or individual deputy sheriff when on duty.

  1. No murdering or killing
    a. Self-defense is acceptable only if necessary, using either lethal or non-lethal weapons
    b. When performing act of self-defense, or you are a victim of an assault, contact Padasjoki
    County sheriff as soon as possible
    c. Padasjoki County sheriff will conduct investigation in all cases and makes the last decision
    d. Punishment: execution or life in prison.
  2. Public intoxication
    a. Drinking on public location is prohibited
    b. Punishment: fine or community service
  3. Producing alcohol
    a. Is prohibited by law without proper license
    b. This also includes high proof alcohol for medical or industrial use
    c. License for making alcohol can been acquired from country sheriff department
    d. Punishment: fine or jail time
  4. No stealing
    a. Punishment: fine or jail time and returning stolen goods.
  5. Carrying firearms without proper license local authority (Padasjoki County Sheriff)
    a. In case unlicensed firearm is found, it will be confiscated and person carrying.
    b. Punishment: Fine and confiscating of firearm, in serious cases jail time and confiscation.
    c. Proper firearms license can been acquired from Padasjoki county sheriff
    i. Firearm license requires either of the following below:
    ii. 3h wait time and background check
    iii. Haste pay to hasten application processing
  6. Hunting on county lands
    a. Prohibited without proper hunting license
    b. Firearms license and hunting license can be acquired at same time from County Sheriff
    c. If hunting is persons main income, process will be hastened
    d. Punishment for hunting without license: Fine and postponement of application for hunting
    license for one day.
  7. Domestic privacy
    a. All citizens, tourists and others have a right to be in peace
    b. Respect business, property and privacy of others
    c. Punishment: Fine or jail time
  8. Obey authorities (Padasjoki county sheriff, town leader)
    a. Sheriff´s word is the law
    i. Resisting orders or actions of sheriff will lead to jail time
  9. Aiding and abetting
    a. Encouraging or helping individual to perform a crime is illegal.
    b. Punishment: Same punishment as if the accused had done the crime himself

We are pleased to inform, that you can contact Padasjoki Sheriffs via phone from number:


You can contact sheriffs from this number in emergency and non-emergency issues.

You can also use Whatsapp and Telegram if you want to, and send photos etc.

(Phone number will be activated at the start of the event.)