Village rules and Phonebook

Sewell mining HQ:
Polaris Energy HQ: 
Expedition camp’s Supervisor (Civilian): 044 343 4496
Mission Game Master: 0400 232 630
EHASA Gamemasters: 0400 232 630


  1. No murdering or killing
  2. No wasting resources
  3. No stealing
  4. Do you part and follow your superior’s orders
  5. In conflicts stay calm and follow instructions of your superior
  6. All suspicious activity is to be reported to your superior or Supervisor
  7. During expedition highest authority belongs to Supervisor who makes last call
  8. All workers must maintain their ability to work, slacking and loitering during your work time is punishable act
  9. Do not reveal sensitive information to outsiders.

These rules are reviewed and approved by Tampereen Itsenäinen Teollisuushallinto (TITH)