Ingame news TSTOS 24

Battlefield Bulletin added as civilian faction

Battlefield Bulletin, international news agency from outside of Nordberg has been added as one of civilian factions that players can join. Battlefield Bulletin strives to record stories and events of Nordberg as neutral and true as possible, without political or personal benefits in mind.

Gamemaster Note for everyone: The management personnel of Battlefield Bulletin has and will work closely with GMs with the Battlegroup preplanning and when it is going on. They will sometimes record stuff as Offgame, but they will try to work as much as possible Ingame. We GMs hope, that you tell your stories to them and let them to record events as much as possible. If needed, material can also be published after it is safe from operational security perspective.

Are you looking for adventures? Do you want a meaningful job? Are you ready to witness horrific war crimes and report them to the world?

Battlefield bulletin is looking to recruit two more members to our team. We offer a competitive salary and healthcare (life insurance and payments for deceased reporters not included).

If you are able to write, talk and you are interested about various other journalistic roles, contact Mikko/ @Zano0 (in Ehasa Discord) / (email)