Ingame news TSTOS 22

Interviewing a supervisor of Juupavaara expedition crew: Olli Niitty

While the expedition crew is preparing to their mission, Supervisor Niitty has given us a moment of his time to tell more about the expedition – as much he is allowed to.

Olli Niitty, Supervisor of Juupavaara Expedition

Interviewer:Good afternoon! Would you mind starting telling you name and position in the expedition?”
Niitty: “Good afternoon and with pleasure: My name is Olli Niitty and supervisor and leader of the expedition.”
Interviewer: “Pleasure to meet you, mister Niitty or should I call you Supervisor Niitty?”
Niitty: “I would prefer Supervisor, if that is alright.”
Interviewer: “Very well, I shall use Supervisor from now on. Back to the topic. How you feel about this expedition? Oh and I could you tell why they chose you to lead this expedition?”
Supervisor: “I am excited but also little bit scared about it. I know how important this mission is for TITH (Tampereen Itsenäinen Teollisuushallinto) and people which gives me strength and courage to see this through. And why I got selected.. well among all candidates TITH found me most suitable and fitting for the role. After all I have served under TITH since it was formed.”
Interviewer: “It is understandable since the expedition will take you and your crew quite far from safety of Tampere city. How you intend ensure safety of the expedition crew?
Supervisor: “Unfortunately I can’t reveal details but I assure we are prepared. Most important is that we work together and keep our calm. If we encounter any difficulties, we are prepared. That’s all I can say. Sorry.”
Interviewer: “I understand considering the nature of your mission. What else you can tell about the expedition and the crew?”
Supervisor: “Let me think a moment. Well, I could tell that this is for a greater good and it will help people of TITH. Since war ended we have been trying very hard to rebuild society and bring back the order but it hasn’t been without issues. A lot infrastructure and factories were destroyed and we are trying start them again but we lack required materials and that is why we need expand our reach for materials. When it comes to the crew, I am really happy and grateful that so many willing and outstanding citizens are willing to join me on this expedition. We all know the risks and are ready face them. We have our made our peace with our loved-ones and relatives. They understand that some of us may never come back and they do their best to support our effort.”
Interviewer: “Is there anything you can tell about risks you may encounter?”
Supervisor: “Well considering how shattered society is because of the war.. we can expect facing some hostiles like bandits and military operators. We also might encounter remains of war on our way like mines and other dangerous objects. And considering how things are going nowadays and how big corporations are trying to exploit our shattered nation for their personal gain, I hope we don’t have to deal with them. This is our nation – not theirs.”

Interviewer: “I hope your journey will go well and it will go well. Thank you for your time, supervisor Niitty. Is there anything else you would like to share?”
Supervisor: “First of all I would like to thank you for this interview and then I would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to make this expedition possible. Without everyone’s effort, this would never been possible. I promise I do everything I can to make this successful expedition and bring home everyone who are joining me.”

That was Supervisor Nitty. With his leadership we hope success and safety on their expedition. May their path be clear and safe! People of TITH should take example from these brave members of the expedition.