Ingame news

Drugs and Pills used in Tarus Village area

  • These drugs and pills are made of sugar etc. and are safe to eat.
  • You donĀ“t need to eat them if you don’t want to, just destroy them when used.
  • Try to keep them clean from dirt and water (ex. use minigrip bag)
  • Pills that are for medicine use are legal. Others are illegal or restricted.
  • Some drugs and pills might be added later and are informed separetly.
YellowDrugProvides enough narcotics for drug addict for 1 day. Gives all kind of strange side effects.
PurpleDesigner DrugProvides enough power for addicts for 2 days. Gives many kind of strange long time side effects.
Green/BlackRadcure -medicineRare medicine which cures you from radiation disease.
Orange/BlackTruth serumTruth pills are in effect for four yes/no questions. After consuming a truth pill, you must answer 3/4 of the questions asked truthfully and on one you can lie.
BlackForest mushroom -pillIf you are wounded and you eat a Forest Mushroom -pill, you are healed up instantly, but you die in 15 minutes.
Blue/WhiteVomit -medicineHeals vomit disease for 1 day.
GreenPoison -pillKills the person who eats it in 2 minutes when given with water.If given without water the pill kills instantly
Red/BlackMagic Dragon instaheal -pillIf you are wounded and you eat a Magic Dragon -pill, you are healed up instantly.