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M.A.D.ness arrives to Padasjoki

Unlike most of private military contractors in area, a section called M.A.D, working under East Gamba Trading Company Ltd has approached civilian population with promise of co-operative and willingness to respect local law and authority.

Open approach of M.A.D Co has risen question among locals and some even wonder if their pretty promises can be trusted at all. So far most corporation and their contractors has been less open about their activity in area. I guess we’ll see how much these companies can be trusted.

Here is a flier given to local residence about arrival of M.A.D:

M.A.D. co
Formal announcement of arrival

We would like to announce our arrival to all local residents and
authorities stationed in Padasjoki region.

We are a well established private military corporation and have been
assigned by EGTC director Janne Gambels to protect his assets and
workers from any outside threats they might face in the near future.
You might have already noticed us from our supply convoys and
unarmed patrols.

We still wish not to come unannounced and want to find common ground
as we settle for our temporary home away from home.
Our best interest is the well-being of all parties without any unnecessary

Peace is our mutual benefit to protect all troops and civilians in the area.
However, we have received information that Hölböcorp has deployed a
military convoy towards Padasjoki that forces us to counter with
sufficient security.

Respecting the local weapons carrying restrictions; so far we have been
patrolling the area unarmed obeying the rules of the local authorities.
But from Wednesday 10th of August 2021 forward; our troops will carry
automatic weapons for their own and others protection.

Also armed and armored vehicles will start patrolling the area.
We wish the UN officials and local civilian population understands the
necessity for such actions concerning the situation and allows armed
M.A.D. troops to carry out missions given to them.

Best Regards
M.A.D. Commander
Miikka Mäkelä
040 867 8197