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Editor answers: Getting a hold on a weapon license

Since the paper published news about the weapon licenses, many of our readers have approach us with same question. As a proper newspaper, we are here to share information to our precious readers.

Here is what we learned about firearm’s license after digging into to the topic:

  1. Fill a application document at town hall
    1. Give it to an proper authority
      • Town leader
      • The United Nation’ command’s Headquaters
  2. Authority will start process to look into application. This can take from one hour to 3hours.
    • If your application is approved, you will get the weapon license
    • If your application isn’t approved, you won’t get the weapon license.
  3. Before handing over approve license, authority might want interview an applicant to make sure information matches with pre-filled application. This is purely for safety reasons!
  4. Get your the weapons license!
    • Now you are allowed to carry firearms in a residental area, but note that weapon must be kept holstered or on your back. Magazine removed from weapon.
    • If you use weapon in armed crime or threat someone with it. You loose your weapon permission and authorities will confiscate your weapon.
      • If you have your weapon confiscated, it will be marked with red tape which indicates weapon isn’t with player and there for it cannot be used
      • Confiscated weapon cannot be used for four hours after having it confiscated. If you want use carry a weapon, get another one.
      • Keep your weapon license with you all the time! If you don’t have weapon, your weapon will be confiscated!

Hopefully that makes things clear for our readers and help them to get a hold on a weapon permission for your own safety or for your trade!

Additional information:

If you want a weapon license before game starts, make application in advance by e-mail to jere(dot)vainio(at) Please note, I will be quite strict about how licenses are given away.

I will need following information for the application:

  • Player ID
  • In-game name
  • Weapon type and caliber
  • Manufacturer’s mark and model.
  • Briefly explain where/why you need to have right to carry weapon.
  • Example of Firearms license in below: