Ingame news

Opening of hunting season is here!

Padasjoen Metsästysseura [PMS] (Padasjoki Hunting Club) is getting ready to open a hunting season for this year and invites to celebrate it at Club Barbarian. Celebration starts on Thursday 21.00! Event is free for locals residents. Other can join party for small fee.

The town leader Pentti “Pena” Vaara is going to start party with small speech and some group selfies with interested participants. During speech the town leader will reveal charity where profit from party will be donated.

During party Padasjoki Metsästysseura will accepts applications for new members. So if you want be part of group that keeps community fed, sign up!

PMS will also host an exhibit for everyone whom are interested to learn more about newest hunting technology and learn more about weapons that are being used in hunting.

Be there for good cause and to celebrate annual opening of hunting season!


  • There will be a big barbecue that players can use to heat up their own food
  • Bring your own food you wish to cook in barbecue but please notice that there might be queue for barbecue so bring simple foods like sausages – for example.
  • The party is part of game so rules are same there as it is during the game itself – keep your eye protectors on!
  • Consume of alcohol is forbid during event. LARP-booze and acting drunk is fine due roleplay situation!