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Riots in EGTC Minings. UN gives statement. EGTC stocks drop because of these events.

Monday 2.8. was the first day of the week and it started with riots between EGTC mining security forces and their employers who are Miners Union members. Miners are saying that EGTC is not paying them enough and not taking care of their safety during these odd times in all around the world and how they have to work with dangerous places and materials when digging example Lithium in Finland.

UN representative at Padasjoki, commander Sami Mansikka gave statement at Monday evening after the riots were over:

“Things have been developing for bad and more violent in Padasjoki. The increased EGTC and Hölböcorp security forces presence have affected to local civiilian every day line and feel of security which is already low after many years of Finland having its second civil war. United Nations are very concern about the development of situation and is prepared to provide more visible and straight actions for added security in the area.

New war is not for anyone’s benefit. Inversely it has driven locals to desperate acts. They are more easily lured to do illegal activities to gain money, food and safety for themselves and their families. We are not encouraging this kind of actions at any circumstances. Instead UN will support all civilians to achieve those with co-operation. We hope that locals will have willinges to help us catch all criminals and bring them to infront of justice.

Our troops have been in the area long and we have always calmed down the situation with our actions. That’s why we will set up two checkpoints near Tarus village area. We will check all personel and vehicles trying to pass them and it will not be possible without legal ID card (GM note: Civilians only) and good reason. All dangerous material which is brought to the checkpoint, must have legal permits to be shown.

If things go very bad, we have more well trained troops and equipment than last year and we are more ready to act against hostile actions towards us or towards locals. Our mission is to gain peace in the region! I invoke EGTC and Hölböcorp leadership, don’t take up arms. Achieve your goals with peaceful ways. Help us to achieve the peace and lets leave civilians to live their normal lives once again!”

During the night it was reported that the EGTC stock markets have dropped even up to -26.12€ at current state. EGTC officials hope that these more open actions from UN will help to gain investors trust back to EGTC mining stocks. Hölböcorp stocks on the other hand gained a lot of growth (+43.37€) during the night after some quiet time.