Ingame news

Padasjoki Community and the United Nations agrees to limit firearms in residence area

Increased tension in Padasjoki has increased amount of firearms among civilians. According to local population weapons are only for their own safety during these difficult and hostile times. Noticeable is also that number of armed crimes has increased and disorder among population raises as there is no control who has access to weapons. The firearms aren’t used only for self-protect anymore.

The UN officals has decided to increase weapon control in area by confiscating all illegal firearms. Therefor Firearms license will be mandatory to everyone with weapon. If you don’t have license, UN will confiscate the weapon. The authorities hope this will unease unrest among civilian population.

Example of firearms license

Good-to-Know about Firearms license in game:

  • Everyone is allowed to carry weapon in game. Not having license doesn’t mean you can’t have one
  • All weapons without license is considered illegal
  • Illegal weapons will be confiscated by UN
  • Confiscated weapon will be marked with red or similar color tape by UN player.
  • Confiscated weapons CANNOT be used for 4hours after having them confiscated by UN player.
  • Weapons will be confiscated if firearms license is illegal or details in it doesn’t match.