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Project Päivätär: Science fiction or future solution for energy production?


Electricity, an invisible energy that we use in our everyday life has been always playing important part in the development of nations. Ever since the electricity was discovered it has given humanity the possibility to evolve as specie – Just like fire did.
Those who dared to think outside the box have been able to create most innovative ways to utilize electricity to improve the life of people.
A light bulb: Bringing day light into night and darkness.
A telephone/A radio: Transmitting voices over great distances.
Heaters: Bring the warmth of summer to cold winter.
Computers: Processing and handling data in ways humans wouldn’t be able to.
List of devices, gadgets and tools using electricity is endless and every year we discover new ways to harness it. Thanks to electricity we reached our second industrial revolution.

First electric light bulb

Of course electricity does not come from nothing and the demand has increased over the years as humanity grows. Our current methods to produce the needed electricity for everyone aren’t enough as every year the resources needed to produce electricity grow more sparse. There simply aren’t enough for everyone – and this has led to countless wars we have been experiencing over the years as nations fight over what’s left. Some advanced nations managed to maintain their prosperity thanks to their abundant resources. Some nations waged war to weaker countries to gain access to their resources. As scarcity of resources grow, wars increase. We have reached the point where there is nothing and whatever little is left, is fought for.

This is one of the reasons Old Governments fell and new ones were formed. It is a fight for survival now. What ever is left, is guarded heavily and kept under tight security.

The remaining power plants around the globe are guarded heavily.

The scarcity of resources has also forced humanity to think new methods to find other ways to produce electricity without relying on limited resources like oil, coal, wood etc. Now the focus is to find methods to utilize the unlimited resources around us in nature, like wind, sun, ocean. These sources of energy are the answer to preserve our evolution as specie.
Despite all struggles and war over energy, there are groups of people who try to work together to find a solution for the shortage of energy.

What is Project: Päivätär?

Project: Päivätär is one of the projects started by New United Nations Energy Board (NUNEB) worldwide. After Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa formed a truce, factions were approached by NUNEB and were offered to take part to an experimental solar power plant project. Scientists around the world have come to the conclusion that solar power is the answer to our energy struggle. Thanks to Padasjoki’s geographical location they find a good fit for the experiment.
The Facility would be run by elite researchers, engineers and scientists chosen from both Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa, along a few scientists from NUNEB.

Project’s name is based on goddess of Sun from Finnish Mythology.
Also emblem Päivätär is holding in presenting union between Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa.
Credits for logo

Some of you might wonder why Finland would be a fitting location for solar power as during winter there is barely any sun. This would be the case if it wasn’t for the satellite system build by NUNEB. Special Satellites that circle Earth in space would collect solar radiation which would be directed to designated locations on Earth, based on their positions. These designated solar power plants would collect this energy from space and distribute it to facilities, cities and everywhere on Earth.

NUNEB’s presentation of how energy production would work in theory.

When will the experiment show results? Who will gain benefits from the facility?

A first trial will be run in the upcoming summer and the results will be studied closely. If everything goes well, distribution of energy can be started in two years.

Once distribution begins, electricity will be provided to both Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa factions at the beginning. Eventually, the goal is to connect the facility to globe-wide network where all the facilities will then be connected and supporting each others. Also the experiment will provide valuable information to scientists for future improvements.