Ingame news

UN strikes down ruling town leader

Today UN walked into town only take down a ruling town leader and replacing them with a temporary leader till new election is held. The ruling town leader Pena Vaara opposed UN decision first with light resistance but after brief discussion he give up his position – agreeing to UN’s demands for new election.

According to UN officials, current town leader wasn’t elected officially and there for he has no right for position as town leader.

The temporary leader, Elisabeth Niskajärvi, is to maintain justice and power in Padasjoki till new town leader is elected.

All willing candidates for position for Town leader are to sign up for election at Town hall before 11am tomorrow (Thursday 12.8.). After this candidates can hold speeches to people and gather themselves votes.

Voting for new town leader will be held under UN’s supervise at 6pm at town hall.

Everyone is welcome to vote, also people from EGTC and Hölpöcorp. Only UN is excluded from voting as they supervise election.