Ingame news

Election day!

On Thursday 12.8. there will be election for new town leader on UN’s demand.

All citizen of Padasjoki are eligible to apply for position of Town leader.

All willing candidates must sign up for election at town hall before 11am. Player must have ID with them to proof their identity.

Voting will happen under UN’s supervise and 6pm at Town hall.

Everyone is allowed to vote except UN as they supervise voting.

Voting period is between 6pm and 9pm.

After voting period, votes will be counted and once they are counted, winner of election will be announced.

New elected town leader will starts their work right away.

Schedule for Thursday: 12.8.
11am Signup for position closes
6pm Voting
9pm Voting ends, counting vote starts
Thurday night: Winner of election is announced
Friday 13.8.
9am Freshly elected town leader’s speech.


Only citizen of Padasjoki can apply for position

All factions can join vote, except UN who supervises voting