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Advice for tourists: Rules of the Padasjoki Community

Many visitors might think what are rules in Padasjoki during these difficult time and here is the rules to follow if you want avoid any trouble during your visit!

  1. No murdering or killing
    1. Self-defence is acceptable but you are required to have an unbiased witness who can prove it was self-defence.
    2. Report cases of self-defence to the authorities
  2. No wasting of the community’s resources
  3. No stealing
  4. No provoking/harmful behaviour
  5. No false accusations
  6. Obey orders of the authorities (UN, town leader)
    1. Resisting orders is a punishable act
  7. All violations of rules are to be reported to the authorities
    1. Hiding or assisting a suspect or violator is a punishable act
  8. Respect fellow residents of the Padasjoki Community
  9. Carrying unauthorized firearms is forbidden in Padasjoki by the UN.
    1. To have an authorized firearm, you are required to have a license provided by the authorities.
    2. Unauthorized firearms will be confiscated and the offender will be fined by the authorities.

If you somehow end up breaking some rules and you need to face consequences of your actions, here is how justice is given in Padasjoki:

  • All suspected offenders will be wanted by authority of Padasjoki Community’s leader
    • Everyone is allowed to arrest a wanted suspect
    • Arresting and bringing in a suspected offender carries a reward
    • The suspected offender has to be brought in ALIVE
  • All suspected offenders will be put in custody and they are to be prosecuted as soon as possible by people of Padasjoki Community.
    • The town leader has to be present for the vote
    • In addition, at least three unbiased people have to be present to vote.
  • A victim of an offence has the right to speak up and demand punishment for a suspected offender.
  • A suspected offender has the right to be heard before voting, but does not get a vote
  • A suspected offender will be prosecuted by people of the Community with a hand vote at the town hall. 
    • If the suspect is found guilty, the ruling town leader will decide their punishment and there will be another hand vote to approve the punishment
    • If the suspect is found innocent, they will be released right away and the person(s) accusing the suspect will face charges for false accusation.
    • The decision of the community is final.
  • If a suspected offender is banished from the community, they lose the right to enjoy any benefits and safety of the community. 
    • A banished person has no right to:
      • enjoy resources/services of the Community
      • demand justice for any wrongdoing against them
      • seek shelter in the Community’s areas

Rules aren’t really that difficult to follow and we hope you won’t get into any trouble with local law during your visit. Stay clear and safe during your visit in Padasjoki!