Ingame news TSTOS 24

Coalition of Nordberg signed a contract with the mercenary group MAD

A contract has been signed between the leading parties of MAD and the Coalition of Nordberg. Details of the signed contract has not been revealed to public but the MAD public relations department confirms that the contract is determined for the time of Operation Grey Seal.

Mercenary group in question has done some security protection contracts for Northern Iron Rule before. Rumours from unconfirmed sources suggest that the contracts ended as the reign of Northern Iron rule was coming to an end and their money reserves got depleted.

MAD is a private military contractor army (PMC).
MAD stands for Mechanised Assault Detachment because of their history as a mainly mechanised assaulting force in the military. Nowadays MAD has grown to international cooperation of smaller PMC groups joining forces to act as one bigger unit.
MAD is usually hired to places no other PMC companies dare to take job offers from active war zones to areas where conflict is inevitable.