Project Päivätär: Vandalism at Power Plant continues, Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa both fails to keep their promise to keep power plant safe

Despite all warnings and notifications to leaders of fighting factions from Project Päivätär’s project lead has gone to deaf ears as power plant experiences critical failure due increased vandalisms at site. Cooling rods at site has been stolen which has forced power plant system to transfer increased heat to old test site to keep system from melting completely.

Project lead Jeremias Peltonen comments:
“We have been in touch with both factions and discussed about issues and future of the project. During talks both factions has told that Project is important to them and they want it to succeed – yet they don’t give a shit about security of the site at all. They are too focused on killing each other than keep their promises. If this continues I will contact NUNEB and tell the situation which will make sure Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa will be never part of project like this again.. I couldn’t care less if they will be forced to go back to stone age. They don’t deserve advanced technology like this. I heard great things about Tampere and how they work hard to rebuild society there. If this project fails completely I Will join them…”