Ingame news TSTOS 23

Project: Päivätär in chaos – polices executed by Uusimaa, site engineers flee site in terror

Today (Friday) around 6pm group of Uusimaa soldiers came to talk with local police. Meeting wasn’t anything suspicious until suddenly shots were fired and four police officers were executed near Power Plant HQ. After realizing what was going on site engineers fleet site in terror as they think their lives are in danger which puts project in chaos. Project leader Peltonen remains at site, trying to rescue what ever he can for the project.
Last words from Peltonen before connection was separted:
“We wanted make a better world and had hope for future of humanity, but things I have seen at Padasjoki makes me believe human don’t deserve this… wait.. who are you what are you doi… HANDS OFF THOSE! THEY ARE OURS!” *Line was cut*

After loosing connection we tried to reach New United Nation Energy Board to comment situation but they refused to comment situation.