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Mysterious Helicopter Crash – Uusimaa interview

As news about civilian helicopter crash was published, Arc News was able to contact Uusimaa Mad Commander, Mr. Mäkelä for a short phone interview:

“A shocking incident unfolded today when a civilian helicopter mysteriously plummeted from the sky and crashed deep within an undisclosed forest. The incident has given rise to a heated blame game between two large opposing forces, Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa, as each are pointing fingers at the other while vehemently denying any involvement. Mad Company commander, Miikka Mäkelä, how do you respond to these accusations?”

“Commander Mäkelä: Uusimaa and MAD deny any involvement in the incident. I am curious as why Pirkanmaa is trying to blame us for what has happened. My condolenses to everyone who has lost their family members in the heli crash. Unfortunate tragedy with many lives lost and Pirkanmaa wants to start some kind of blame game. I don’t know what motivation would we even have to shoot down a civilian helicopter and why Pirkanmaa is so hasty to blame us for it. Maybe they are actually behind the incident themselves with hidden motivations and are quickly trying to roll the blame on us? Uusimaa is providing crisis support to anyone who lost a relative or a close person to them in the crash.”

This concludes our interview. Arc News has also made article of interviewing Pirkanmaa Commander, you can find it here: Pirkanmaa Interview