Ingame news TSTOS 23

TepOil Inc. to conduct resource survey at Padasjoki

TepOil Inc. has announced intent to conduct resource surveys in the area of Padasjoki.

TepOil Inc., a subsidiary of ProtonCore,  is one of the leading resource survey and extraction companies, with multiple successful surveys proving areas to be barren of anything worth fighting over. As a result, TepOil Inc. is recognized as one of the world’s leading peace makers.

TepOil seeks to help calm the tense situation by proving that there is nothing worth fighting over Padasjoki. To achieve this project, TepOil Inc. is sending their leading specialist, Teppo Teponpoika, with an assistant to conduct the survey.

In the event of something worth fighting over is found, TepOil would like to remind combatants in the area that we found it first and we got dibs on the finds.