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Padasjoki’s Elder Struck Down

In the afternoon of August 11th, the UN made its arrival into the town of Padasjoki. Though the tentative, the villagers welcomed the arrival of the boys in blue. The meeting discussing the current hardships was interrupted as the town leader, Pena Vaara, was removed from his position against his will.

The villagers of Padasjoki

An impromptu leader was soon decided by the UN commander Sami Mansikka, who argued that Pena Vaara had never been democratically elected into his position.

A UN checkpoint

The new temporary Town Leader, Elisabeth Niskaj√§rvi, will hold the position until a new Leader is elected the following day. A vote will be held at the town-hall where the UN will supervise. Even doing these turbulent times, there is hope that Padasjoki’s community will persevere with a new leader for the rest of the season.

Elisabeth Niskajärvi

Anton Huovinen reporting in for the Norvinsk News Network.