Uusimaa’s IRP captured!

This morning at 11:00 am Pirkanmaa’s IRP arrested Uusimaa’s IRP from village of Tarus. There was no casualties on either side. Prisones were taken into Pirkanmaa’s prison for interrogation. Uusimaa’s IRP gave gladly alot of…

Final warning for Pirkanmaa

Uusimaa commander Jesse Suokas has issued a last and final warning for Pirkanmaa troops to withdraw from the power line. If the current operations by Pirkanmaa do not cease, Uusimaa will retaliate with full force….

Rising tensions at current cease-fire line

There have been numerous rumors about rising tensions and stray shots being fired by Pirkanmaa at the temporary cease-fire line, currently set at the power line crossing Padasjoki. Uusimaa commanders are worried that if Pirkanmaa…