Mysterious markings found in the woods

A concerned mushroom picking civilian has contacted Kazakh Free Press and provided us with photos about weird and brightly colored markings on trees. Are these somehow related to the tests allegedly performed by Pirkanmaa? Kazakh…

Pirkanmaa’s IRP bring a suscpect

Pirkanmaa’s IRP captured a person who is supected of about killing Matti Meikäläinen. Accident happened during a shamewalk. The person has been surrendered to the local police waiting for judgment.

Illegal deforestation detected in Padasjoki

Satellite imagery confirms that illegal deforestation is happening within areas controlled by Pirkanmaa. “They are evidently trying to hide the fact that they have contaminated large forested areas as well as water bodies within the…

Pirkanmaa main culprit for contamination

Experts within the Radiation Safety Bureau have confirmed that the source of the contamination within the Padasjoki region originate from areas controlled by Pirkanmaa. Radiology expert Donald Obama says efforts to contact Pirkanmaa military command…

Pirkanmaa agrees to pay

Pirkanmaa HQ confirms that they have agreed to pay the road tolls of military vehicles to civillians. Pirkanmaa HQ tells that they want to support their allies by legal ways if it’s reasonable.

Pirkanmaa returned power

Around 10 pm on the last evening forces returned power to village. Sabotage was done with a jammer and it’s under investigation who is behind this.

Mystery about power outage resolved?

Rumors within the village about the power outage are finally getting at least partial confirmation. Our confidential source deep within the Pirkanmaa administration has confirmed that Pirkanmaa is behind the power outage! He has informed…