Uusimaa is making drugs

Uusimaa is involved in drug business. Some civilians are also involved in business. The Pirkanmaa Armed Forces are investigating the matter. Armed civilians Civilians are taking the drug lab with them. Drug lab is loaded…

Drug lab found!

Presshouse Freedom has found a drug lab. The lab was empty of personnel but had some different color bottles, gas mask, tv and some kind of audio device. /Presshouse Freedom

Mayhem at Club PUSU

Gangmember flips out on the premises and decides to maul his friends at the local club. Drunkiness expected of him. Will the club be safe again ever? Is the safety compromised? Only future will show….

Uusimaa denies contact with civilians

Kazakh Free Press has managed to interview Uusimaa commander Jesse Suokas about the alleged shooting of a civilian. “We do not currently have any troops deployed near civilian activities. Our forces aim to gain the…

Uusimaa is shooting a civilians

A civilian got saved just in time by a brave doctor. The victim told that he got shot by Uusimaa’s forces. Uusimaa is not obviously stopping aggression against civilians.

Mysterious markings found in the woods

A concerned mushroom picking civilian has contacted Kazakh Free Press and provided us with photos about weird and brightly colored markings on trees. Are these somehow related to the tests allegedly performed by Pirkanmaa? Kazakh…