Tarus City Councils meeting!

Tarus city council had a meeting and made new decisions about the city area. A road toll has been set for vehicles in 2XX and 3XX classes of 10mk for cars driving trough the city….

Villagers are organizing!

Village people are organizing according to the new Council. They have been forming new talk-groups to unite! Also here are the new rules (in finnish & english): Suomeksi: Uudistuksia: Seriffit + Etsivät yhdistyvät neuvoston alaiseksi…

Ingame phone book updated

Mission game master, Joel Sariola: +358 400 679 098Joonas Pylvinen, civilian faction game master (for civilian faction related): +358 400 488 669Club Pusu, Teppo Seppä: +358 40 653 2476Following numbers added to ingame phone book.