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Becon for tools

Unlike Beacon of “Thruth” informed, rogue soldiers were Uusimaa’s forces. Notice the red armband and the m05 camo

Uusimaa caused it!

By our intel, Uusimaa is using it’s prototype HAARP weather weapon.  Pirkanmaa condemts affecting the weather heavily

Victor Mike

On 20.7 Pirkanmaa was ordered from brigade level to secure the Janne Gambels election in Tiirikylä civilian village. Force of the election surprised both sides. Gambels demanded encouraging people to vote with force and Pirkanmaa’s…

Night: “The village is full of red!”

Regarding our intel the civilian village was raided by imperial troops of Uusimaa discarding the no weapon agreement and several civilians got shot. Humanitarian is to be sent to the village. Pirkanmaa disapproves nightly actions…