Articles by Sanomatalo Vapaus

Mayhem at Club PUSU

Gangmember flips out on the premises and decides to maul his friends at the local club. Drunkiness expected of him. Will the club be safe again ever? Is the safety compromised? Only future will show….

The Sheriff’s trial has began!

The Sheriff’s trial has begun in the Town Hall at 12:00. City council has named a jury and the judge to make trial fair. Judge and jury has heard the prosecuted, defenders and witnesses. Jury…

Corrupt Sheriff’s ARRESTED!

New policemen were appointed and took office midnight, making their first official act as arresting old officers accused of corruption. The Firm found the culprits in hiding and brought them to justice!

Club Pusu under ATTACK!

Club Pusu has been under attack by vicious slandering. Claims of drug use and sale were surrounding this club of legitimate businessmen. Town Sheriff’s investigated allegations and deemed fit to personally inform the press of…

Villagers are organizing!

Village people are organizing according to the new Council. They have been forming new talk-groups to unite! Also here are the new rules (in finnish & english): Suomeksi: Uudistuksia: Seriffit + Etsivät yhdistyvät neuvoston alaiseksi…