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Janne Gambels Missing Presumed Dead, Mikko Is Now Acting CEO

EGTC CEO Janne Gambels escaped from a mental institute in Switzerland in yesterday. he managed to fool his companions that he was ok, but we have found a certificate that proves that Gambels sadly suffers from schizophrenia and became delusional and pulled away from EGTC troops, suffering from severe delusions. He was last seen running towards Hölböcorp forces, which probably have killed him. Truly a sad moment for all of us.

EGTC has appointed Mikko Koho to function as acting CEO until general meeting, likely in December, can be convened to officially appoint a new CEO.

We call everyone to have a moment of silence for a true visionary revolutionary, who originally saw a revolution as a service.

Choose you, choose us all, choose EGTC.