Uusimaa wins! Report from the Battlegroup 19 events!

TSTOS19 events:

Battlegroup 19 started from the situation where Pirkanmaa after faled testing lost the information of RSV device whereabouts and large areas of the game area are contaminated. The information and research teams of both factions had a mission among with rest of the faction troops to get clear what has happened to the RSV and where it’s located, how it can be transported away from the zone and what happened to it during the testing.

Additionally both factions had a mission to control the airfield with two AA missile stations (at water pump 5 and flag point F.) Uusimaa also had a mission to cooperate with MC Mellon Motorcycle gang (aka Club Pusu) to secure their drug lab operations. Pirkanmaa had a mission to search, survay and if necessary, destroy the illegal activity of the gang.

Thursday night:

Thursday night focused mainly the fighting faction encounters at the flag points near the main roads. Pirkanmaa did their first boat transports with player brought boats to near waterpump 6. At the civilian village, civilian factions elected a town council to make a new rules for the village. While having these meetings the Pirkanmaa commander who had arrived to the village was stabbed to death which created some tensions between the civilian village and the Pirkanmaa. The stabber was sentenced to the “Shame walk” and was killed by grenade strike soon after.

During the night the factions found a sealed door from the Kristian hut which was at the level 2 contaminated zone and the door couldn’t be opened without the door charge. That’s how both factions got a new tas for the next day to obtain such a charge and the purifying equipment to lower the containment level to get in.


At friday morning Uusimaa got an additional mission to seek and destroy Pirkanmaa’s mortar stations which fired somewhere from north west seen from Pirkanmaa base. Uusimmaa got the location of the mortars but failed to take them down

Friday morning started also the volunteer civilian evacuee trip, where 13 civilians walked from the south end of the map back to the civilian village while completing 5 checkpoints. The checkpoints were identifying objects blindfolded, fighting with bandits (biker gang), combat first aid, throwing grenades to the target and estimating the distance from spot. At every checkpoint the best individual or group was rewarded with various game items..

At the end of the evacuee trip civilians encountered a murder scene with bloody axe that cult of the tarus took with them. They said that bloody act was clearly done by the mystical figure of the Forest Keeper who had revenged the turn of his peaceful forests to the combat zone. This rage could only be calmed by a ritual to avoid more casualties.

During the day the fighting focused to the areas between airfield, the power line and the Kristians hut. As the Uusimaa had controlled the airfield at thursday, now the Pirkanmaa had found it’s old momentum and had put Uusimaa’s troops to tight situation.

Uusimaa succeeded to perform operations behind Pirkanmaa lines and obtain a laptop with malware that was installed to the civilian village townhall powergrid which turned the electricity down from the whole village. Main thought was that as the laptop was marked to belong to the Pirkanmaa, they would be blamed for the incident. Pirkanmaa’s information and research team was at the scene when the laptop was found which succeed to counter the PR loss.

At the very same day Club Pusu has encountered two surprise investigation to find illegal substances. At the first inspection the drugs was successfully explained to be left from a customer but the second inspection turned to fist fight before it even got started becouse of the missing search warrant.

After the dark the cult of Tarus had their ritual with and axe found at the murder scene. Ritual summoned the angry Forest Keeper with a chainsaw. Luckily for the civilians the Forest Keeper disappeared to the forest after scaring the crowd a bit.

Meanwhile at the Kristian hut Pirkanmaa has obtained the purification equipment which could lower the containment level enough for entering the hut with a door charge. Little did Pirkanmaa troops know, that Uusimaas troops were also at the scene hiding and waiting for the perfect moment to stike. Pirkanmaa succeed to tackle the attack and entered to the hut at 00.30.

In the hut Pirkanmaa’s inform and research team found a badly contaminated body and long searched hazmat suits that could be used to move at level 2 contaminated areas. Luckily for the Pirkanmaa they searched the hut closely and found copies from an old email conversation which revealed the location of the RSV with blurry satellite image. Pirkanmaa took the suits and the documents and leaved to analyze them to their base.

During dark hours of the night Pirkanmaa’s recon teams managed to pour contaminated water to the lake next to Uusimaa’s base that longed the respawn time of the Uusimaa’s vehicles by 15 minutes during for saturday.


At saturday both factions seeked to find the location of the RSV and managed to do it. The civilians also found the RSV my a chance in a warehouse building next to Tarus church. All factions also learned that RSV was missing two parts which were necessary to operate and move the device. Factions once again had new tasks to fulfill

Elsewhere on the battlefield Uusimaa decided to destroy the AA missile station next to water pump 5 with an explosive they had obtained. This how only the AA missile station next to the flag point f would be the only one that affected that who could get airborne from the airfield

At the civilian village the club pusu has got angry from the surprise inspections and decided to hijack one of the “Presshouse Freedom” reporters and took the prisoner to their drug lab at Kovero area. The security service Firm that was securing the reporters couldn’t face the Biker Gang along as they was supported by the Uusimaa the Firm had to go get help from the Pirkanmaa troops. Unfortunately by some unfortunate miscommunicaton the Firm and the remaining free operators were disarmed from their weapons and were stabbed to death cold blooded by the Pirkanmaa troops as Pirkanmaa went to destroy the drug lab by themselfs and free the reporter which they succeed to do

Meanwhile at the village the cult of Tarus was obtained the illegal contaminated object which they used to spread the contamination to the area. Somehow they thought that it would force the fighting factions away from the area leaving the civilians alone who would rather live in contaminated village but protected by the Forest Keeper.

At night the battle fatiqued Uusimaa troops were let to evening leave and the civilian village was filled by the Uusimaa’s and Pirkanmaas troops. Everyone wanted to go to watch the Fight Night at the Club Pusu where the main prize was a second one of the missing RSV parts. After furious mano-a-mano fights the Pirkanmaa was announced to winner as the Uusimaa fighter was lying at the ground stabbed to the death at the final knife fight Pirkanmaa got the second of the remaining RSV parts.

During the late hours of the day the cult of Tarus began an human victim ritual to calm down the anger of the Forest Keeper and to give the remaining part to the Uusimaa fighters. Nevertheless the another of the fighting factios decided to interrupt the seremony with grenade strike as they have heard of the RSV part to be on the sight and the ritual became a bloodbath. The RSV part somehow ended to the Uusimaa, but the Forest Keeper was never satisfied…


For tha main objective of the sunday for the both factions were to fight for the control over the airfield. Pirkanmaa covered first the RSV and installed the stabilizator for it to move it with a trailer.

Meanwhile at the Club Pusu the gang tried to cook their stuff after lost their laboratory, but failing badly and burning the club. As the hazmat suits of the bikers were now useless to them, they decided to sell them to Uusimaa so they could operate the RSV. Getting to the Uusimaa troops weren’t easy as everywere was crowded by Pirkanmaa’s troops.

RSV warehouse Pirkanmaa started to suffer casualties from Uusimaas tanks and for some of the civilians turned to Uusimaa’s side. This how Uusimaa’s forces managed to move the RSV at the side of the airfield to wait the plane. At the same time a group of civilians had decided to leave the area by the same plane at any cost and destroyed the remaining AA missile station. Now anyone could land and take off from the airfield without any intrusion.

There was still two problems to solve at the story. The plane would be at the site in 2 hours but it has a fuel leak. To order to fix the leak the pilot needed a fuel hose from somewhere at the civilian village and more plane fuel that would had to be carried by the foot from the sand pit up north. Together with civilians Uusimaa went to complete the mission. The hose was installed, but as the Pirkanmaa charged with two heavy armored vehicles the fuel canister was left only few tens of meters away from the plane in hold of the Uusimaa.

When the clock was almost 14:00 and the Pirkanmaa’s combat vehicles rolling around the plane, two club pusu members managed to get to the plane with one Uusimaa’s recon fighter. At 14:00 the plane took of with the stowaways and the RSV with one part installed. As the planes fuel hose was fixed it remained unclear how far it got with a near empty fuel tank…