Uusimaa helps civilians save local field hospital

Earlier today, Pirkanmaa attacked a civilian field hospital situated near lake Kovero. The attack was carried out under the false pretense that the location would be used to manufacture illicit narcotics.

While being drastically outgunned by the 100 or so enemy troops of mechanized infantry, the 15 Uusimaa soldiers at site heroically defended the area just long enough to complete an emergency evacuation of the field hospital.

Wounded patients were evacuated by the hospital staff who were forced to grab weapons to defend themselves.

Despite the enemy’s superior firepower, Uusimaa was able to also render logistical assistance so that the hospital tent and its medical supplies could also be relocated.

Civilians preparing the hospital tent and medical supplies for transport under heavy fire.
The field hospital materials being loaded into an Uusimaa military vehicle by Uusimaa soldiers.

Despite Uusimaa doing everything in their power to stop the human rights violation by Pirkanmaa, the overwhelming odds meant that civilian casualities could not be avoided. At least one hospital staff member and one patient were killed in the firefight.

The vicious attack against a humanitarian target marks yet another incident in the long list of outrageous violations of the Geneva convention by Pirkanmaa’s army.