Pressroom Freedom and members of the Firm was executed cold blooded by the Pirkanmaa!

Yesterday evening around eight o’clock Pressroom Freedom HQ lost contact to their field reporters. GPS tracker shows last location of the two members of Pressroom Freedom southwest from Kristians Hut.

The Firm assembled another squad to investigate the cold trail of reporters and found evidence that six members of the Firm and two reporters were slaughtered on the road leading southeast from the main road leading from Kristians hut to Ukkoherra and Kymppi shelters.

In the same time there has been Pirkanmaa troops in the area trying to take over flag points and a drug lab at the Cover shelter.

Reporters and the Firm was trying to rescue their third reporter, that was held hostage at the Drug lab in the Kovero shelter. Yellow attacked the drug lab and shot the reporter that was unarmed and tied. They did heal him and let him go. Uusimaa took him in to custody and questioned him for awhile before letting him go. After he was let go he called the HQ to tell what’s happened. He told that he needs to see a doctor as soon as possible because he was only field stitched, but was still in need of medical attention.

Hostage situation

His trail also went cold somewhere north of Uusimaas base.

Presshouse Freedom is collecting new reporters but it will take few days to get them. Presshouse Freedom will keep the news real and free!