Uusimaa denies contact with civilians

PASSAU, GERMANY - JANUARY 28: German federal police control cars on the A3 highway near the border to Austria on a section used by arriving migrants and refugees on January 28, 2016 near Passau, Germany. The flow of migrants arriving in Passau has dropped to between 500 and 1,000 per day, down significantly from last November, when in the same region up to 6,000 migrants were arriving daily. German police only allows migrants to enter who say they will apply for asylum in Germany. Those who say they want to continue to other countries, such as Denmark or Sweden, are denied entry and brought back to Austria. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Kazakh Free Press has managed to interview Uusimaa commander Jesse Suokas about the alleged shooting of a civilian.

“We do not currently have any troops deployed near civilian activities. Our forces aim to gain the complete trust of the civilian population and our troops have received orders from the very beginning that under no circumstances whatsoever do our troops have permission to use lethal force against civilians. The only allowed use of force against violent civilians are with tazers, batons and pepper spray” says commander Suokas.

He suspects that the civilian may have been offered compensation by Pirkanmaa to blame their mishap on an innocent party.