Pirkanmaa main culprit for contamination

Experts within the Radiation Safety Bureau have confirmed that the source of the contamination within the Padasjoki region originate from areas controlled by Pirkanmaa. Radiology expert Donald Obama says efforts to contact Pirkanmaa military command have failed, mainly because they probably know what the conversation would be about. Obama says that according to international treaty UN:1983/675, the nation or organization responsible for any fallout and/or contamination is also responsible for cleanup of such and must provide the manpower needed for such operations. The Radiation Safety Bureau has tried to contact Pirkanmaa to inform them about this duty but so far efforts have failed. They are clearly dodging their responsibilities and concentrating their limited manpower of useless war efforts.

In addition to the severely contaminated body found at Kristian’s hut last night, there have been reports about contamination seeping into water bodies and ground water. What else is Pirkanmaa hiding and how many more contaminated corpses are we going to have to find before Pirkanmaa starts to realize the consequences of their actions?