Pirkanmaa strikes back and tries to kill civilians

Late last night the walk of shame that was the punishment for Matti Meikäläinen, who stabbed the Pirkanmaa’s commander took place. The walk ended at the church where Matti was meant to be re-educated to be a good member of community once again.

There was a trooper of Pirkanmaa to secure the walk. During the re-education’s public section the trooper threw a grenade into the crowd. The grenade would have killed almost all members of the religious cult and a representer of press. Luckily Matti decided to cover up the stabbing and jump on the grenade to save everyone on place. Unfortunately the explosion killed Matti.

Matti was announced dead on site

The new commander of Pirkanmaa said that no further actions shall not be committed by Pirkanmaa. The attacker is being wanted andthere’s a picture of him at the bottom of the article. He must be delivered to town hall so council can decide a punishment for him.

The attacker disaapered into drkness before anyone had time to catch him. If you recognize the person, try to catch him