Health and safety inspection finds illegal substances at Club Pusu

Findings strengthen former suspicions of the motorcycle club MC Mellon’s involvement in organized crime.

Earlier today, the authorities conducted a surprise health and safety inspection at the club house Club Pusu in the village of Tarus. In the search of the premises, the authorities discovered undisclosed amounts of methamphetamine. Early analysis suggests that the substance has been locally produced and it appears to have the impure chemical composition of what is often referred to as “biker meth” by drug users.

According to the officials, the inspection was conducted on the basis of an anonymous tip from the public.

Club Pusu, where the substance was found, is owned and operated by the Pälkäne region motorcycle club MC Mellon. The local sheriff interrogated several members of the motorcycle club today regarding their involvement. However, so far no arrests have been made, as the substance was not found in the possession of any of Mellon’s members.

The president of MC Mellon Kalevi Seppä denies the motorcycle club had anything to do with the narcotics, and insists that the drugs must have been smuggled in by one of Club Pusu’s visiting customers.

– Naturally we do not tolerate any such illegal behaviour at our club. In fact, we try to enforce a strict policy of no illicit substances whatsoever. Unfortunately, however, we can only do so much with our small staff. Sometimes things get past our controls, despite our best efforts to keep the place clean.

The search interrupted a poker tournament at Club Pusu.

The incident is not the first time that the motorcycle club has been under suspicion for illegal activities. Last year, freelance reporter Jorvik Thorsen was investigating MC Mellon’s involvement in drug trafficking and the possession of illegal firearms. Thorsen claimed at the time that he had found compelling evidence of a “much deeper conspiracy”. His report was never published, however, as he went missing before delivering his findings to the editorial staff of the local paper.

According to Aimo Kasa, a council member of the village of Tarus, the active investigation on Thorsen’s case was terminated today, as the trail has gone cold and the police resources are desperately needed elsewhere during the time of military crisis.

– This is a case that will continue to haunt us for a long time. Unfortunately, however, there are more pressing matters to deal with right now, as there is a war going on after all, Kasa comments.

Kalevi Seppä also denies all allegations of the club’s involvement in Thorsen’s disappearance or any links to organized crime:

– We are a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts, that’s all. It is unfortunate that our entirely legal club operation has been denigrated with such false theories, but we will do what it takes to restore our reputation. We want people of Tarus to know that they are always welcome to spend a good time at Club Pusu. As long as they abide by the rules of our house of entertainment, they have nothing to fear from us.

According to Seppä, MC Mellon may yet take action to seek restitution for the goodwill damages to their club house’s business revenue.

– I am confident that justice will be served, and those who have taken part in this defamation will pay for what they have done, Seppä states.