Expert says: ”Inflicting self-damage may be a sign of something worse”

Kazakh Free Press has interviewed psychophysicotherapeutics specialist Enrique Huevo in relation to the self-inflicted damage reportedly caused by a Pirkanmaa soldier.

“It is a very serious sign that may relate to withdrawal symptoms from zoophilia and a mix of other very severe mental illnesses. Such individuals should not be given weapons of any kind and ought to be placed behind bars. People in this mental state are very erratic and may not only harm themselves, but are also a danger to those around him. It is scary to even imagine that people like this are on the loose. I sincerely hope that this is an isolated case and not a common symptom among Pirkanmaa soldiers”.

Kazakh Free Press has tried to reach Pirkanmaa commander Mika Haapanen for comments, but have as of yet not received such.

Kazakh Free Press will keep you updated!