Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa ventured Tiirikylä in peace

A tense, surprising episode took place in Tiirinkylä as both Uusimaa and Pirkanmaa took place in Tiirikylä, unaware of each other at the start. Few shots were fired when Pirkanmaa members first spotted their enemies but a local priest of the Holy Herbs Brotherhood rushed in to announce the peaceful law of the village, not prohibiting combat in the village area. No casualities on either side.

Both factions ended up staying in the village for a while, until the Pirkanmaa squad in the village decided to ease the stress and tension from the villagers and detached from the village.

While the villagers are glad no escalation took place in the village, the general spite towards the fighting factions begins to rise. According to few interviews with the villagers, people around are very tired of being pushed around, getting constantly raided and being forced to get involved with military affairs.