Today, on thursday the 19th of July the Acting President of the region of Kanta-Häme met with the leaders of Royal Uusimaa Armed Forces. For years on end the innocent civilians of Kanta-Häme have been sufferers under the iron yoke of the fascist and totalitarian Pirkanmaa rebel republic. It seems the people have had enough, and now the Acting President is seeking co-operation and prosperity with political ties to the Kingdom of Uusimaa.

The Acting President ensured that his people want nothing else much more as peace, and that his people have strong historical and ethnic ties with the Kingdom of Uusimaa. He wished to make good deals with the Kingdom of Uusimaa in the near future, and hinted the possibility of annexation of Kanta-Häme in its entirety to the Kingdom of Uusimaa.

It remains to be seen, however, if the Acting President will win elections to be held later this year. It is the firm belief of the Kingdom of Uusimaa foreign ministry however, that the Acting President is the future leader of the contested region.