According to recent reports from locals and the armed forces of the Kingdom of Uusimaa, the soldiers of the secessionist Republic of Pirkanmaa have physically and mentally harassed civilians in the Tiirikylä region earlier today. The attitude of the Pirkanmaa Republic towards the innocent civilians living in the regions of Kanta-Häme has long been known among the global media and news outlets accross the world.

Some years earlier, the republic of Pirkanmaa was even accused of, and proven to have engaged in ethnic cleansing near the village of Tiirikylä, which now has, undoubtedly, suffered more than could possibly be fair for one small, innocent village.

According to the general staff of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Uusimaa, this new attack, along with the ones performed during the earlier phases of war serve as more than ample proof, that the secessionist Republic of Pirkanmaa continues to ignore the international laws of warfare. In addition to this, they have been guilty of general misconduct, open racism towards ethnic minorities and blatant disregard of human rights.